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Shanghai Noble Kennel Co., Ltd., located in Shanghai, Songjiang District, five She modern agriculture demonstration zone, covers an area of 38 acres. Including 160 kennels, each kennel of 11.5 square meters, the sub indoor and outdoor two components. Lawn activity field of 13, with a total area of 15 acres. Is a set of high quality purebred dog breeding, dog foster Training School, Kennel technical training, one of the big dogs industry. Has been founded in 2002, with a dedication and love of dogs to create the industry.

  China's first Login champion Huskies——AM CH. Gauge Golden Eye Of S.K.V. Jp-Golden Eye 
  China's first Husky Leaderboard dog——MBISS AM CH Kristari's Skrimshaw Romeo-Romeo, the United States in 2003 Husky Top 6.
  China's first U.S. Department of Top Akita dog——MBIS MBISS AM GCH CKCCH CAS Cobo Haul Eudora-Cobo, 2011 National Top Akita male dogs ranked.
  China Huskies ranked first——MBIS INT AM CN CH. Kristari's Chip Off The Old Block-Block, 2006 CKU husky Top。

  2003 Working Dog Group ranked first,——MBIS HK CH Seeonees Forever Friend-Friend

  The 2009 CNKC, Huskies ranked first, the Working Group ranked first,——BIS CHINA CH Noble's Jones BA(Owner, Wang Xudong)

  2012 traction huskyHK CH KAROY XINRONG COLLECTOR OF SOULSCKC Working Group Top。

  Most breeding champion dogs husky kennel. As of December 2012, more than eighty breeding champion Huskies

Noble adhering: From professional quality, professional from delving into, delve into the power begins with love. Continuous self-improvement. The presence of love, there is a steady stream of high-quality.
In 2010, Noble dog foster care training school kicked off. Vs dog care and expertise, be transferred to the family pet dog. Noble new concept also will be out for your dog feel at home. "Yes, this is the standard of service and self-regulatory requirements. Cultivating high-quality Kennel personnel, also Noble Kennel long way to go on a mission. And new agility equipment and dog pool. Provide the best casino for the dog. And entertainment, unique to a small area of ​​green vegetable garden, sheds, fishing pond, a pavilion, billiards, basketball and other projects in order to dog parents. For the majority of the faithful dog dogs common music place.

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