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Shoulder height of 35 cm or more: 120 yuan / day, very large dogs negotiable.
Shoulder height of 35 cm or less: $ 100 / day can be reduced to bring their own dog food 10 yuan / month

Dormitory environment
Each dog enjoys a separate environment, separate indoor and outdoor two parts, a total of 11.5 square meters, each dog exclusive tableware, 24-hour manned management, individual air-conditioning Each kennel has laid a healthy foundation for your dog.

三,Sports environment
10,000 square meters large lawn healthy foot playground, playing together with experienced breeder. Sunny winter day at least 2 hours or more of sun bath, aerobic exercise.

四,Body care
Responsible for checking the dogs physical health by professional pet team of doctors weekly dedicated skin, bones, hair, teeth, intestinal health care products, a variety of trace elements nutrition, dog owners arrange feeding, nutrition costs aloneaccounting.

五,Beauty services
A professional beautician 7-15 days for your dog to take a bath, beauty, care, and use all of Australia's top natural personal care products - Plush PUPPY.

六,Food Arrangement
Staple food all Noble Kennel dog race imported grain, the owner to provide additional health care products (such as the need to machine) in the file record each meal by the breeder ration. Personalized food, daily ground beef, eggs, yogurt, etc., subject to RMB15 yuan a day.

七,Pick-up service
Foster care for more than three months, the Shanghai region offers a free shuttle service, 24 hours in advance telephone booking, the dog transportation costs foster the following three months from the specific negotiable.

八,Preferential services
Foster care for more than one month, the training customers free of charge to enjoy the consolidation of the dog training. 1 month -2 months foster care, 10% discount. 2-3 months 20% discount foster care. More than three months foster care 30% discount.

九,Other services
Noble Kennel has been established for more than ten years, more familiar with the national industry.

Noble Kennel designated medical units:
The Shanghai Jinfeng Verychem Pet Hospital Address: Minhang District, Pernod Road and New Haven Road intersection. Tel 021-62215697

Noble Kennel to specify Pet Center of Photography:
The construction of the motherland Photography Website: http://www.jszgphoto.com/

Noble Kennel contractors domestic and overseas pet transportation, pet cremation, the introduction of dogs and other pet-related matters.
In short, in Shanghai, the dog thing got treasure, we will do our best to serve you.

十,Our environment